Saturday, June 25, 2011

Same-Sex Marriage in NY State

It passed last night, and as I hugged my lesbian BFF who is now able to marry her partner and the love of her life, tears streamed down both of our cheeks as a light rain drizzled down around us.

I felt more and more like a whole person, and that I know I'll be able to be married when I finally meet the man of my dreams.

This is what progress feels like.  The world is changing all around us for gay people as rapidly as ever.

It feels good.

I went out to a dance club that I frequent afterward, and as always I got a rush from the jam-packed crowd and sweaty bodies gyrating on the dance floor.  I'd only had a few drinks, but strangely found myself not scanning the room looking for someone to hook up with as usual, but just enjoying the music.  Even though I was aware of myself sexually it seemed quite different this time.

It was nice to dance and spin without worrying about who found me "hot" or not...

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